Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CALL OF SPRING on the International Day of Happiness

Happy T-Day and happy International Day Of Happiness
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It would be a pleasure for us when you stop in and join us.
Herbal tea for me today with a slice of my 
diet cream cheese strudel.

In Austria we call it TOPFENSTRUDEL. In Germany they say QUARKSTRUDEL. However it is called - I love it. The best for me is I can buy ready to go "light- low fat"strudel dough and I take the law fat variation of curd as well to fill the strudel and a calorie- free sweetener, vanilla- and lemon aroma and just  beaten egg white - so it is really a diet variation of a Topfenstrudel and I can take more than one slice...yeah! Not as delicious as the fat variation with whole eggs and butter, but I enjoy it and that's the only thing that counts! I reached my desired weight meanwhile after nearly 4 years and the best way to hold it is to do a kind of diet furthermore.  I would otherwise gain weight again very soon I guess. I lost exactly 20 kg / about 44 lbs since  2014 - an I am really proud of me. It was hard sometimes -  I gained a bit of weight along the way again - but I always checked my weight and my nutrition. I feel so much better meanwhile, more fit and I like myself even more. I had this dream weight before I got pregnant with my daughter in 2000. And now it is back- amazing and unbelievable, but true. If I was able to manage that beyond 50  I think everybody is able to do it. If you think you can't manage it - just start - now at springtime it's the best time to give it a try! And there is so much help to find on YT, and blogs and social media! It really can even be fun to do it!

As you already know for sure  SPRING is our topic at
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY  right now and I have a spread in my 
Circle Journal for this theme today as Spring starts officially in the northern hemisphere. We have under zero and a bit of snowfall today, but I am sure spring comes soon. I can wait. Initially I made the pages for our new theme over at TRY IT ON TUESDAY where we celebrate: THE CALL OF SPRING for the next two weeks and there is also a wonderful moodboard to be found at the 
TIOT's blog for you beside of wonderful samples by the teamies to get your creative juices flowing. 

As it is TUESDAY and I hope my post today fits the general idea of neutral colors I will link up to Wen's SIMPLY NEUTRALS #38.
You should visit Wen and the participating blogs at the challenge -
wonderful inspiration is awaiting you. And please don't forget to call in at froebelsternchen tomorrow again when Moo Mania & More starts the new fortnightly theme. Thank you for reading all my trivial stuff today, normally I don't write such long and boring posts. But I like to share what makes me happy just today with you on this